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Bermuda Triangle in Indonesia

Surely we all know what a Bermuda triangle. Triangles are often victimized and cause an accident. Bermuda Triangle located in the Americas, precisely in the Bahamas. However, who would have thought that Indonesia was also having a similar triangle Bermuda triangle. Here's his review ...

Bermuda Triangle (Bermuda Triangle)
Before discussing that in Indonesia it is better if we first recognize that in America. Bermuda Triangle (Bermuda Triangle) is a region in the Atlantic Ocean sea area of ​​1.5 million or 4 million km2 mil2 line shape triangle between P. Bermuda, Puerto Rico, and Miami.
Triangle is so special because it often occurs either air or sea accidents in the area. Surprisingly, these kecelakaan2 just happen, they disappear in a flash seakan2 area. Many teori2 that explain these events, such as methane gas theory, the unstable weather, black holes / blue hole, hole dimensions, even the theory of UFOs / aliens, but not one that is able to explain teori2 the Bermuda event for sure.
More surprising was all over the world there are about 5-6 (I forget exactly) waters that are similar to Bermuda triangle. One of them was found in Indonesia.
Triangle Masalembo

Masalembo triangle is a triangle similar to the Bermuda triangle in the Bahamas. Masalembo Triangle is located in the sea of ​​Java, rather a meeting between the Java Sea with the Strait of Makassar. If seen from the picture above, the islands are more likely to Masalembo Makassar strait sea compared with Java.
Some strange events and accidents have occurred in the triangle area. Still remember the events Senopati sinking ship? KM lotus? or an even more powerful event loss of Adam Air plane? peristiwa2 occurred in the area of ​​this triangle of death. Baru2 Not just this, first on January 27, 1981 KM Tampomas II burned at sea and sank, the scene in this deadly triangle also.
"The location of the Lotus KM accident about three miles from shore Majene and six miles from the crash site of Adam Air," Ignatius said in his report to the Minister of Transportation Jusman Syafii Jamal Sultan Hasanuddin Airport, Makassar, on Monday (12 / 1)
Number of accidents and other strange peristiwa2 in that region in a triangular region into restricted areas in Indonesian waters. Actually what is the cause of this phenomenon Masalembo triangle?
If we see the geographical location, then the triangle area there Masalembo current flow of water that is not normal. Conflicts that occur between the current Java Sea (from west to east), ocean currents Flores (from east to west), coupled with a split flow of Makassar Strait (from north to south) make the flow of waters in the area Masalembo become unstable.
Fast collision between the three waters, coupled with cold sea water entrainment from the Pacific to the Indian Ocean Indonesia (15 million meterkubik water per second) and almost entirely through the Straits of Makassar, disebut2 as the most scientific explanation that caused this triangle into restricted areas.
That's in terms of marine (ocean currents), how to explain kecelakaan2 air? whether the accident occurred only in the region Masalembo? or region has the mysterious power like bermuda triangle?

Above is a picture peribahan weather and wind movement in Indonesia. Look no interference of red yellow green camur kebiru2an, oddly the color triangle (right triangle region Masalembo). Perhaps this shows that changes in weather and wind movement in the area of ​​triangle Masalembo difficult to estimate (unstable) because it is a mixture of three colors before (actually not quite understand my own.)
At least penjelasan2 has been represented that the triangle Masalembo be banned just because of natural factors only, not like the Bermuda triangle filled with mystery until now. But, if you Taukah Masalembo waters often occurred oddity than an accident?
According to the testimony of several people who made it through the triangle area (apparently not all lead to accidents), either from sea or air, they said they saw a strange apparition, like a large bird, large sea snakes, etc.. Could it be that big bird pterodactyl? could they see makhluk2 ancient? or are they just hallucinations or even lies?
Who knows .. Clear triangle Masalembo is a natural phenomenon that there are only a stunning Indonesian waters.

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